Lune is the Adversary of light, darkness, music, magic, beauty, inspiration, and madness. She is the god of creativity, insight, and knowledge, but her gifts often come with a maddening price. She created and is intimately tied to the Moon.

Lune is unusual for an Adversary because she is a god of duality and self-contradiction. This means that she is more inclined toward principled behavior than her brethren, but her behavior is harder to predict in general.

Lune has been friendly towards Anaxamos, and incorporated her Moon into the engine of his Stars (albeit without asking him first). Anaxamos was defeated by Lune after allowing her to whisper the true name of Anathema and the Adversaries into his mind.

Lune gave humanity the blessing of creativity after Anaxamos explained to Aloysius that he could not bless humanity with technology before they were made.

The Moon Edit

The Moon is the largest luminary in the heavens, though since it is much farther from Praxis than the Sun, it appears smaller from Praxis, and gives Praxis much less light. The Moon is set in the innermost ring of the engine of the stars, and takes one month (thirty days) to make a full revolution around Praxis.

The Moon is an intimate expression and reflection of Lune herself, and merely gazing upon it is enough to drive one to madness, inspiration, or both.

The phase of the Moon is not tied to the time of the month, but rather changes to reflect Lune's mood and activities, or to reflect her will. The Moon can be completely dark or light, or anywhere in between.